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IAA Mobility & CES

| German Automotive Supplier

For several years we have been working for a German automotive supplier, developing the industrial design of demo devices exhibited at the International Motor Show Germany (IAA Mobility) in Munich and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.*



These one-off exhibition devices have the goal to showcase

the latest technologies of our client in the field of human-machine interface system solutions and demonstrate their possible automotive applications.

Steering Wheel 5 5.png

 Steering wheel mock-up 

Created to be used on various demo devices to help users get a better spacial understanding of how the displayed technology would be used in a real vehicle.

Seatbox Rear View.png


A hands-on demo** aimed at providing an in-cabin experience to event visitors.

The product showcases bended display technology and a driver monitoring system.

Compactness, airy appearance and futuristic design language were some of the main design goals.

1.1. Corning Demo - Side View.png
2.1. Corning Demo - Front View.png

 Integrated dashboard solution 

An infotainment system with a cutting-edge living hinge technology and a unique kinematic system, which allows the display to be dynamically bendable. It can shift from static to adaptable and flat to curved as it immerses drivers in a personalized cockpit experience.


Spring of Things is only responsible for the industrial design of the shown devices and has not participated in the mechanical engineering, nor in the development of any technology described above.


The displayed automotive seat is an off-the-shelf product, not designed by Spring of Things.

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